Gym Hopping

The Bally Total Fitness 'experience' was a complete flop. After reading the fine print, wasn't happy that I was locked in for three years with pretty much no way to cancel. I've read many complaints about there cancellation policy, unfortunately too late. Joining with a co-worker was another silly thing to do. She was being billed for both. This meant I'd need to pay her regardless of where I live, work or are on friendly terms. For three years. Because I knew I'd be leaving my job, I canceled via there "60-day promise." I'd have to go at least 17 times in two months, see a personal trainer and pay for two months (actually three with the first month being a 'down payment'). I fulfilled all requirements and have sent off the cancellation letter. I hope that I've covered all bases.

Now for the plot twist. I'm joining another gym. Yes, you read correctly. This will be my third gym membership in less than one year. My husband joined a very nice local gym for $10 a month...with parking! How can I not join? He's been going regularly. Since I now have tons of time, I can pick him up after work and workout together or just go alone during the day.

A Few Moments...or Months of Clarity

I've decided to remove the thing in my life that was causing me the most grief. It was my job. It was a very difficult decision to make since I once loved this job but this is one decision I absolutely do not regret making. I knew it was time to leave once the job began affecting my physical health. I am still getting over bronchitis and a nasty sinus infection (2 weeks in!) I am pretty sure this was a direct result of the amount of stress I was dealing with on a daily basis. My immune system has taken a hit and it's time I put first things first.

I have given 3 weeks notice and will continue to freelance on a regular basis. I have been planning this for a few months, in that time getting my finances in order. This will allow me to pursue the things I love in life (my art, family) as well as dedicate myself to my well-being.

I'd like to re-introduce you (and myself) to my fitness goals:

  • exercise 4xs a week.
  • eat 3 healthy meals + 1 snack a day.
  • enjoy trying new healthy foods/meals.
  • meditate/stretch for at least 10 minutes a day.
  • Get to 170 lbs by my 30th birthday (February 2009.)
Although I'm a little nervous to be jobless for the first time in almost a decade, I am optimistic. The one thing that I always wish I had more of is time for me. Time if now on my side.

I'm Trying

Trying to recuperate from an illness, figure out what I want to do in life and get back on track.

Bare with me.

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