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Learning to Kick My Own Butt - July Challenge!

Hi all! I've been on the lazy train for a couple of weeks months. I've been true to my word and have not taken on extra work projects until the fall. I am 82% Type A so having a lot of down time drives me crazy. Instead of taking the day by storm, I tend to sit with my thoughts for too long, which sends me down a road I don't want to travel. I'm not even a TV junkie, but the web on the other hand... I don't know where all of my motivation went. I'm thoroughly sick of reverting back to old habits. We are half way through the year and I don't have much to show for it.

All of that said, I've decided to start a personal challenge for July. I'll exercise every scheduled days (noted in calendar) and/or at least 3xs a week, and take my vitamins (multi & D) and drink at least 8 cups of water everyday. I'm not even touching my diet until I feel I can tackle these things. I'm getting ready to go to the gym in what seems like years. Later!

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