Video: Food & Toxins: Keeping You Fat

Back from Vacation

We had a lovely vacation out of the country. We had an all-inclusive plan which I was sure would be my demise. The first day, I ate so much I had heart burn all night. I drank an obscene amount of pina coladas and white russians. I told myself I wouldn't obsess over food. We had a fabulous time.

To my absolute surprise, I only gained 2 pounds. I was scared to get on that scale. My husband still hasn't weighed himself. We'll be back on track with our workout plan tomorrow. I can't believe I only have about 4 months to get to my goal weight. I haven't made any progress. I'm not going to short change myself and change my goal weight. I hope as I get down to the wire, I'll start to pressure myself. I think I'll spend today planning out my meal plan for the week and reading inspirational articles.

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