Commencing Bridge Walk 2009

Last week's 5K event has sparked a goal-setting craze in me. There was something about starting and completing the event that has given me a feeling of accomplishment. Something I miss since finishing school. I've decided to keep the good vibes going for as long as I can.

The weather here in New York City couldn't get any better. Now is the time for us New Yorkers to get out and enjoy the city for all of its glory. One thing I've always wanted to do is walk/jog over all of lower East River bridges which include the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. I plan on making this a reality over the next couple of weeks.

I'm starting with the Williamsburg Bridge because it's always intrigued me. My family lives nearby in Manhattan and I feel it's the lesser known/respected of the three bridges. I plan on jogging in both directions with a stop over in Williamsburg for lunch with the hubby.

I encourage everyone to walk/jog your local bridges. I've walked the Brooklyn and George Washington bridges before and loved it! It's a great way to enjoy beautiful scenery and burn a few calories. I might expand this to other crossings. Stay tuned for pictures!

Run For The Wild - My First 5K

As I type this right now, my calves and shins are punishing me for the beating I laid on them yesterday. We arrived at The Bronx Zoo at 7:30am to check-in and received our tees. The first mistake I made was not eating breakfast before we left. I was hoping there would be food for sale. There was only free coffee, which I was very grateful for after 5 hours of sleep. The weather was absolutely perfect. Mid-fifties at the start of the race. A sponsor held a yoga session to stretch us out, which totaled at about 3,000 people!

We stayed at the back of the pack with the children and strollers. I had no intention of running. We speed-walked 95% of the way with a short jog in the middle. My second mistake was wearing leggings that kept creeping down! I had to constantly pull them up which definitely slowed me down. It's unfortunate because my legs actually felt better while jogging. The scenery along the walk was wonderful. We had glimpses of animals and bird songs to keep us going. The walk was hilly and curvy at times which definitely worked out my thigh muscles.

Everyone was in a wonderful mood. The last mile felt like an eternity. My shins and calves were on fire for the first 2 miles. My legs felt better during the last mile but my lungs began to burn. We made a turn and finally saw the '3 mile' sign. We finished! A radio station was at the finish line to greet us with cheers, and jokes. I forgot to check our time, but I'd say we ended in around 1 hour. Tables were set up with goodies and food! I was totally surprised when I saw fruit, yogurt, breads and water. Everyone received a goodie bag with a free toy (an eco-friendly themed Diego toy), organic body wash and smaller freebies. My face was a nice shade of red but I was very surprised at how well I felt. I was back to 100% after the snacks.

Tiki Barber ran and later signed autographs. There were also free massages. The lines for both were way too long so I snapped a few shots of Tiki and we moved on.

We made our way to the Congo exhibit since we received free tickets. We went to see what we huffed and puffed for. The biggest gorilla sat right in the middle of the display window for us. He seemed very relaxed and just gazed at us as his family strolled and played in the background. He was probably more worried about 'mastering his domain', but he just might have been thanking us. Ok, maybe not.

I'd say it was a complete success being it was their first annual 5K and they managed to raise a decent amount of money. I will definitely do this event again and will sign up for other 5K events. I've taken away a couple of lessons such as:

Get enough sleep!
Wear comfortable (and fitting) clothing.
Eat a nutrient-rich meal beforehand.
Stretch before and afterward thoroughly.
Take a painkiller before bed.

On top of the 5K, my family and I took an impromptu road trip up to Bear Mountain State Park. We picnicked and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery. My husband and I were tired and are paying the piper today but it was a great day!

Link Love - April 24, 2009

5K Run for the Wild - Bronx Zoo - April 25, 2009

Run to help save Gorillas in 2009. We need your help in protecting a species that is at great risk of extinction. Sign up now for Run for the Wild and start the race to save Gorillas. Or if you can’t participate in the event, you can still take action by making a pledge!

My husband and I will be participating in the 5K walk/run this Saturday, April 25th. My first 5K ever!! Come join us!

Breakfast of (Busy) Champions

Pardon my absence. I've been (luckily) bogged down with work. Per usual, it's thrown my routine into a little spin, but I've been eating healthy.

I just cooked a small batch of pancakes (yes, at 8pm) for my husband. He's gotten into the habit of cooking breakfast the night before. He always assumed pancakes during the week were out of the question because they take too much work and time to make. On a recent trip to the supermarket, I picked up a box of Fiber One Complete pancake mix. The look of hope on his face said it all. "But, it will take too long to cook in the morning." I showed him the 3 steps and two ingredients (mix and water) and he fell in love. Since no dairy is added, he can probably mix a batch, cook in the morning and leave in the fridge for a couple of days. I was surprised at how well he makes them. They come out nicely browned and fluffy. I'm lacking in the pancake making skills department to say the least.

I'm not a pancake lover. I'm not even an egg lover unless they're over easy with home fries and turkey bacon. My breakfast of choice is a parfait aka strained yogurt, pecan praline granola, and sliced strawberries. I love fage but the price is too high. I buy a couple of tubs of low fat plain yogurt and strain it in my fridge over night. I sweeten it with a little pure cane sugar. This is also my dessert of choice. Granola is a bit high in calories so I might try muesli soon. My standbys are farina and my favorite cereal of all time, Raisin Nut Bran with 2% milk. I've been eating this since I was in my tweens. My choices are not the healthiest but are better than most options out there...and delicious.

What's your breakfast of choice?

Video: Easy Diet Tips For Cutting Calories

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