Manhattan Bridge Recap

I swear this is not a photo blog! I'll be back soon with a "real" post but until then, here are some shots of our walk over the Manhattan Bridge (from 5.30.09):

The views are absolutely amazing. Not many people at all. It just might be better than the Brooklyn Bridge, but we will see. I wasn't really looking forward to this walk, but I'm so glad we did it. We had lunch at a great place right off of the bridge in Chinatown and made out way back to our car on the Brooklyn side. I recommend parking in Brooklyn as it's almost impossible in Chinatown.

One big down side is definitely the noise. The train passes very frequently and right next to the walk path. On the plus side, the walk path and bike paths are separated. There were only a few stray bikers to watch out for. Next up, the Brooklyn Bridge!

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