Williamsburg Bridge Walk - recap

Here are a few photos from last weekend's bridge walk.

There were many of bikers and joggers taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

Looking over South Brooklyn. I'm a fan of tasteful/artful grafitti so I really appreciated some of the work seen over the bridge.

It was a lovely day. The bridge span is 1.4 miles each way. We speed walked (spedwalked?) at times but the view was just too beautiful to ignore. We walked around the neighborhood under the bridge and rested at a park before making our way over.

As you probably can tell, I'm completely distracted when it comes to talking about fitness. I need to regain focus. I've been very busy with work but (happily) things are slowing down for me. I've been extremely focused on work but have decided to not take on any new clients until autumn. I'll only ramp up on work if absolutely necessary. I want to enjoy the spring and summer and make some time to get into the gym again.

We'll walk the Manhattan Bridge next weekend. We're going to a baseball game at the new Citi Field tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!

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